Dr. Stephanie Freeman, Global Hope Ambassador

In 2020, during a global pandemic, NCU president Dr. Stephanie Freeman was a featured speaker for Earth Day 2020 and Live HOPE 2020. After connecting with people from around the world, she was dubbed a Global Hope Ambassador for the Worldwide Day of Hope and Encouragement Initiative (which launched in 2020 during the pandemic and racial protests). Her television and media platform called W2-7, “The World to Us,” was also launched during this time. She uses these platforms to spead hope and peace to troubled people.

We are also North Carolina University and Seminary (NCUS)

Welcome to North Carolina University, also known as North Carolina University and Seminary (NCUS).  We are the home of the Mighty Lions. NCUS is one of the most unique, cutting-edge universities in the world. Our student ambassadors are destined for local, national, and global impact, and they will bring solution-based, problem-solving strategies wherever they go. Join us now and see how far you can ROAR!

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North Carolina University

Welcome to North Carolina University!

Home of the Mighty and Majestic Lions!

We are a university and a seminary.  That’s why you may also hear someone say, “North Carolina University and Seminary.” Our mascot is the roaring lion because it represents power, strength, and majesty/rulership. Our colors are royal blue (for majesty/rulership), platinum (for strength and power), and black (to represent the minority-serving institution that we are and our resilience).

In other words. . .

When an NCU student ambassador or graduate walks in, something great is about to happen!

About NCU

North Carolina University is a world-class, innovative, pioneering, and transformative university and seminary that is forging new partnerships in local, state, national, and global communities and developing new businesses, products, and marketplaces within these communities.


NCU Making A Difference

North Carolina University (NCU) is composed of a Christ-centered community of students, faculty, staff, administration, and others who have gathered for academic, personal, and spiritual development.

NCU provides a comprehensive, holistic education that equips students and others with the tools necessary to serve faithfully and justly. The foundation of our teachings and interactions is firmly rooted in Christian scripture. At NCU, we believe that the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit indwelling with and within believers) allows us to carry out our responsibilities/duties with faith, hope, and love as we serve God and our neighbor.

NCU’s Community Outreach Statement:

To Bring Upscale Education to the Masses

NCU helps foster care, adopted, and non-traditional students to overcome past traumas and to excel academically and holistically.

Please donate to help NCU fulfill its mission to help foster and adopted youth and non-traditional students. Also, please help NCU maintain and further develop its cutting-edge, future-forward programs.

Some of Our Videos

You belong at North Carolina University! This short video will help you to understand why you should become an NCU Lion!

NCU’s publishing arm and multi-media platform/school, Metanoia University, Inc., helps you bring words to life!


Our president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman, is a prominent writer with a global presence. Her media platform W2-7 is connected to 7 nations and counting!


North Carolina University’s  Associations

White House Press/HBCU Initiative

Dr. Stephanie Freeman, our distinguished president, is a dynamic motivational speaker, storyteller, and author


Pen name: Stephie Ann Freeman



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