About NCU

NCU combines academics and apprenticeships

Historical Perspective

North Carolina University (NCU) was incorporated in September 2017 and was crafted to be the first university of its kind. It combines both academic excellence and real-world practicality to give students hands-on experience and apprenticeships along with their academic degrees. Every class will have an end goal/project that will help students get real-world experience in their chosen field. Each discipline will also interact with the other disciplines so that students get interdisciplinary education and experience. Students will have apprenticeships along the way to their certificates or degrees so that they will gain work experience, references, and exposure.

The Vision of

North Carolina University

Vision Statement

This university is a world-class, innovative, pioneering, and transformative university that will forge new partnerships in local, state, national, and global communities and develop new businesses, products, and marketplaces within these communities. Our student ambassadors, faculty, staff, and university community will also learn the value and life-long usefulness of Christian principles.

Shortened Mission Statement

This university develops students into apprentices and major industry leaders and entrepreneurs by using technology, partnerships, and pioneering ideas while learning and showing the value of Christian principles.

The Mission of North Carolina University

Mission Statement

The mission of this university is to develop students into apprentices and then major industry leaders and entrepreneurs by using state-of-the-art technology; community partnerships; creative, pioneering ideas; and a healthy attitude that shows, “We will be thankful and not succumb to negativity.” Graduates and personnel of this university will receive superior education and exposure to local, national, and international marketplaces and communities, while they provide top-notch products and/or services and strive to better some part of the world with their creativity, and creations.

Our President

NCU’s president is forward-thinking and creative. She is a prolific writer, theologian, and thinker who wants NCU to be a cutting-edge, positively-impactful university. Since she could not find universities or degree programs that fit her needs or desires, she created this university.  That way, other people can have the oasis that she longed to find.  Further, she loves the thought of creating a university where the masses will receive an upscale education.  

Dr. Stephanie Freeman, President and Founder of NCU

This university is the product of many years (decades) of vison casting, planning and labor. It is not the product of some whim or afterthought. Every program has been prayed over and lovingly birthed into existence. Likewise, every person who is affiliated with this university–from administrators, staff, faculty, students, and local, national and global community members–has been prayed over and preparations have been made to receive them in their capacity.

Yes, I have labored long and hard to bring this vision to life, but it has truly been a labor seasoned with love. I want the world to see all of the good that can come when a university combines Christian principles with pioneering ingenuity—when love and craftmanship coexist peaceably.

I also want other frustrated Christians, Christians similar to me, to have a place to call home. I searched and searched and searched for a place that would allow me to be the unique kingdom citizen that God created me to be. I am an author, educator, actress, model, designer, comedian (well, I’m working on this one), and so much more. I love the arts. Additionally, I love to dance and sing. I have preached and taught the word of God, but I have been called to another type of ministry—ministry that encompassed more than standing behind a pulpit. I know I am not alone. 

I know other people want unique, pioneering programs that expand kingdom ministry into new, higher, deeper realms.

If you fit into this category, North Carolina University was created for you. We have a start, but our programs will be organic. Our degree base will grow. We will reach billions with the love of Jesus Christ, and we will do it in diverse ways—ways that may catch many off guard in a good way.

The North Carolina University community is based on exemplifying ministry, innovation, technology, and trades. I want to use each one of these areas to reach individuals and communities with the love of Jesus and the abundance of the Kingdom of God. I encourage you as you begin your journey at North Carolina University to embrace all of the nuances that God has in store for your life and to love your university. After all, it was created with someone like you in mind.

Our foundational scripture comes from 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praise of Him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

May the peace and joy found on in Jesus Christ reside in your life.


Stephanie P. Freeman, President