Why am I an apprentice and not an intern? 

Dr. Freeman, a veteran English professor and theologian, believes that words have power.  Apprentices learn a trade or craft.  Interns are bound to someone or something.  Dr. Freeman wants the emphasis to be on learning and empowerment, not subjugation.  She is also on a mission to change the limited way in which people think about apprentices–as just blue-collar workers.  Although so-called “blue-collar work” is honorable, it is not the full spectrum of careers available.  Dr. Freeman wants NCU’s apprentices to be people representing all types of professions.  

All NCU students will have apprenticeships. Some students will be apprentices at one of our affiliate schools or companies, and some students will have apprenticeships in their local areas or elsewhere. We require apprenticeships during each year of our students’ matriculation. Both undergraduate and graduate students must become apprentices each year. Please fill out the form below to discuss your apprenticeship.

Our NCU Declaration:  NCU apprentices will be the best employees and/or entrepreneurs the world has ever seen!

NCU Apprenticeship Form

We work with apprentices a lot, and finding quality apprentices is sometimes difficult.  We are so pleased to be working with NCU to help train and employ apprentices in various industries.  

Marcus Amerson, Founder of Trenic Consultants

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