NCU’s  Academic Calendar

September 1 (or the closest weekday) Office

Payments must be received in the Financial Aid Office

September 2 (or the closest weekday)

Student Orientation–“Mighty Lions Gathering”

Fourth (4th) Monday in September

All Classes (Undergraduate and Graduate) Begin

First Monday in October Approved by

Registration Closes Except for Special Cases Approved by Administration

First Friday in October

Opening Convocation and NCU Community Gathering*

*Please Note:  This gathering is virtual unless stated otherwise.

December 1 (or the closest weekday)

We Gather The Lions In A Pride

Closing Assignment and Final Exam Preparation Day


December 2 (or the closest weekday)

The Exam Period Starts and Lasts for Five (5) Days*

*Please note that Closing Assignments and Final Exams will take place on weekdays and the weekend. However, students may choose to have either Saturday or Sunday off.