NCU’s Dean of the Chapel, Faculty, and Administrators

NCU Faculty

Pastor James Freeman

The Dean of the Chapel

Pastor James Freeman, Vice President and Dean of the Chapel. Mr. James Freeman has been part of a pastoral staff (as an Associate Pastor and then part of a larger pastoral staff) for over a decade. He has a heart to see people become healthy in all parts of their lives and to take responsibility for their actions and to make better decisions when needed. He and NCU president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman, have been married for over twenty-five years.

LaTonia Tyner

Dean of the School of Wealth Management and Financial Constructs

Mrs. LaTonia Tyner is the owner of Executively You, LLC Bookkeeping and Tax Services, and she heads the NCU Financial Aid Department. She is passionate about helping people to gain financial debt freedom by making better decisions and managing resources better. She embodies the NCU philosophy and mission that all students graduate without school debt and that all faculty, staff, and members of the NCU community live debt-free, financially-vibrant lives.

Tracy Clark

The Director of Human Resources and University Development

Ms. Tracy Clark makes sure the NCU community functions properly and efficiently. She keeps faculty, staff, and student records up-to-date, and she keeps NCU’s paperwork in sync. She is passionate about helping people to stay organized so they can spend more of their times doing meaningful and enjoyable things.

Other NCU Faculty and Staff

Mr. Marcus Amerson

Instructor and Director of Student Engagement and Life Development

Dr. Lavie Leasure

Humanities Specialist and Consultant

Mr. Eric Guthrie, Esquire

Legal Counsel and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert

Dr. Lorna Williams

Dean of Student Affairs

Pastor Kenneth Leary

Assistant Dean of the Chapel

Pastor Antron Rice

Assistant Dean of the Chapel

Coach Daniel “Chris” Porter

Men’s Basketball Coach
Athletic Director and Trainer

Mr. William Armstrong

Director of Community Engagement and Aquistions

Pastor Ryan Dozier

Assistant Dean of the Chapel

Dr. Dwanda L. Farmer

Vice President of Strategy and Innovation and Dean of the School of Business and Technology