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NCU offers accelerated degree programs.  You get an excellent education, real-world career experience, and transformative skills, all in half the time of a traditional university.  Get a Bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years with our Year-Round Excellorator Program.

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North Carolina University’s Dynamic and Pioneering Degree Programs

NCU’s Bachelor’s degrees combine coursework hours and apprenticeship hours. Master’s and Doctoral degrees are also available for each degree program and also have coursework and apprenticeship hours. Build your future with NCU!


  • Certificate Programs are 15 to 30 hours and can be used toward an NCU Associate’s or Undergraduate degree
  • Associate degrees are 60 hours–all of which can be applied to an NCU Undergraduate degree
  • Undergraduate degrees are 120 to 124 hours–unless Associate degree hours or Certificate Program hours are applied
  • Master’s degrees are an additional 30 to 60 hours above the undergraduate degree (and will require a thesis of 50 or more pages or a creative project/portfolio)
  • Doctoral degrees are an additional 30 to 60 hours above the Master’s degree (and will require a dissertation of 100 or more pages or a creative project/portfolio)

School of Writing, Mass Media, and Legal Studies

Concentrations are offered in the following areas:

  • Creative Writing
  • Non-Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Writing
  • Traditional Publishing and Multi-Media Publishing
  • Media Content and Mass Media
  • Mass-Media Marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Social-Media Mastery
  • Pre-Law and Justice Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies–Select a group of courses

School of Business, Innovation, and Technology

Concentrations are offered in the following areas:

  • Business Entrepreneurship and Development
  • Emerging and Developing Technologies
  • Inventive and Creative Sciences
  • Ministry and Business
  • Business Success Strategies
  • Growing and Sustaining a Business
  • Investment Development and Busines
  • Interdisciplinary Studies—Select a group of courses

School of Religion and Theological Studies and The NCU Seminary

Concentrations are offered in the following areas:

  • Christian Theology and Apologetics
  • Christian Ministry (pastoral or other)
  • Christian Arts and Creativity
  • Community Engagement and Impact
  • Christian Health and Well Being
  • Christianity and Communities
  • Social Justice and the Gospel
  • Christianity in Changing Times
  • Interdisciplinary Studies–Select a group of courses

All students in the School of Writing and Mass Media will do apprenticeships in NCU’s publishing and mass-media branch called Metanoia University, Inc. These students will have access to the massive reach of MUI and its academic press called Metanoia University, Inc. Press (MUIP).  Other NCU students will also have access to both MUI and MUIP when needed.  

Creative Writing and Mass Media Publishing

This degree program is for writers or those who want to use writing as a way to develop their careers. Students will be able to specialize in creative writing, publishing, writing media content, or mass-media publishing. Students may also want to choose courses from a variety of these specializations/concentrations.

Students who choose this degree program will be apprentices in Metanoia University, Inc. and Metanoia University Inc. Press where they will get hands on experience in public relations, marketing, social and mass media, writing, and publishing. This degree program is also well suited for people who want to write and/or publish books. Students may earn certificates, badges, and other forms of recognition for their work as they progress through the degree program.

For students interested in mass media. Since writing is a key tool in many forms of communication, it is a key component of this degree program. Students in this degree program will be effective communicators—both written and spoken.

The School of Business and Technology also includes the following:

Emerging and Developing Technologies

This degree program is for students who want to develop careers in or become knowledgeable about various forms of technology. This degree will expose students to both developing and emerging technologies (what is being done already and what is going to be done).

Students will also have classes that will consider the spiritual and humanistic ramifications of these technologies. Students in this degree program will apprentice in various technology firms and will have opportunities. Students may earn certificates, badges, and other forms of recognition for their work as they progress through the degree program.

Some of the concentrations within this degree program include the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Technology

Christian Theology and Ministry

Students in this degree program will have a variety of specializations/concentrations from which to choose. They may also take courses within these various specialties/concentrations. Additionally, students may choose to develop a ministry specialty/concentration with the approval of the appropriate NCU faculty and/or administrators.

This degree program is designed to assist students who want either a traditional ministerial role (such as a church leader or pastor) or a non-traditional ministry role (such as Christian writer or liturgical ministry). NCU recognizes that many Christians what to learn about and develop theological studies and ministries that may not have been mainstream or recognized by other institutions. NCU president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman, designed this degree program specifically for Christians who want flexibility in the types of ministry training and education that they receive. Some possible specializations/concentrations include the following: Christian publishing, mass media productions, the arts, eschatological theories, controversial Christian studies, pastoral development, ministerial studies, Biblical studies, healing practices and health, and finances and Christian ministry.

North Carolina University (NCU)  offers these exciting and pioneering certificate programs. Your certificate also earns you college credit (degree hours) should you choose to pursue a degree with NCU.

Choose one or more of our certificate programs. They are affordable; they can be used for NCU degree credit; and they will provide you with a wonderful body of knowledge.

NCU Certificate Programs


Animation and Gaming


Artificial Intelligence Analysis


Battle Rap and Spoken Word Techniques


Biblical Teaching and Exploration


Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains


Cybersecurity and Online Protective Measures


Eschatology/End Times Revelation


Emerging Medical Technology


Google Business Techniques


Marketing, Advertising, and Branding


Social Media Techniques and Influencers


The Prophetic and Dream Interpretation


Theology and Ministry


Writing and Publishing


Develop My Own© Certificate Program

Do you have a certificate program that you would like to pursue or suggest? Contact NCU today to see if we can do a specialized certificate program or develop a new one!

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