MUIP, LED 2100, and 1-SAF Media

Metanoia University, Inc. or MUIP

Metanoia University, Inc’s Press or MUIP is dedicated to creative, academic, and professional publishing. MUIP is a one-stop-shop for writers, academics, and professionals who want to get published or who want to participate in social and/or mass media. MUIP is a powerhouse of multi-media publishing, marketing, and advertising.  From television to radio to film and many, many other media platforms, MUIP will help its students and clients to reach their publishing and media dreams!

LED 2100

LED 2100 is a think-tank organization for academics and professionals. LED is for both the brightness of LED lighting and the brightness of the Leaders, Educators, and Dignitaries (LEDs) that illumine this organization and the world. The 2100 is for the 21st century and beyond, which is the legacy of learning and enlightenment LED 2100 members will create. LED 2100 members are an elite group of thinkers who will help to shape, educate, and illuminate current and future generations.

1-SAF Media Productions

Our president has been published numerous times, and she has had spent in the public relations and mass media arenas. She created 1-SAF Media Productions to help herself and others with mass media and production aspirations.

Other Media Platforms

H.A.A.R.P. is the acronym for Humanities, Arts, And Real People. It is a non-subscription-based, state-of-the-art, magazine that is designed to promote NCU and the NCU community. It is also designed to reach industry leaders and to be a promotional tool for aspiring artists and humanitarians.

Members of the H.A.A.R.P. and Echt! communities will have opportunities to interact with our president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman and to be mentored by her.  They will also have access to the extensive reach of Metanoia University, Inc. Press.  


Echt is a German word that means “genuine or authentic.” This cutting-edge, state-of-the-art magazine is designed to showcase the ever-changing world of technology and Christian ministry. The two fields may not seem to be linked, and they are rarely discussed simultaneously, but in Echt!, they will share a home and a thriving community of thinkers who will discuss their dynamics.  

Stephie Ann Freeman

Stephie Ann Freeman (Creator, Radiant Light Bearer, Educator, Artisan, Technician, and Encourager)  is NCU Founder and President and the CEO of Stephanie Freeman Enterprises.  She uses this enterprise to promote her extensive talents–such as public speaking, writing, motivational coaching, and storytelling.  Additionally, our president will share her unique talents with the NCU community and with national and global community. Her writing and many other talents will help make the NCU creative community thrive and be financially viable.