NCU Welcomes Sponsors, Affiliates, and Donors!

 NCU Needs You!

Our Mission. Your Legacy.

Help NCU Bring An Upscale Education To The Masses


Our founder and president, Dr. Stephanie Freeman, is pleased to welcome sponsors, affiliates, and donors to the North Carolina University family. If you support the mission of this university and think that you have goods, services, and monetary or other physical donations to offer, please contact our “Gifts to NCU” office through this website. Just fill out the form below, and a friendly NCU representative will contact you.  NCU is a non-profit organization, and it has 501(c)3 status with the IRS.  NCU representatives will discuss tax-deductions and related matters if needed.   

Please note:  NCU representatives reserve the right to refuse any offer or donation. NCU officials may or may not give a justification. Thank you in advance for understanding.


Help students from various backgrounds get an NCU education and experience!  You can make a difference with your gift.

Examples of ways to support NCU include the following:


Including NCU as a beneficiary (life insurance)


Gifting land/real estate


Giving a monetary donation


Gifting stocks or bonds to NCU


Gifts in Kind (volunteering)


Donating goods and services to NCU

Please fill out the following form to start your donation/gift to NCU

Your gifts help to support the following and other great programs:

NCU degree and certificate programs help students from various backgrounds to be inspired and empowered and to succeed academically and holistically. Dr. Freeman has worked hard to make NCU a loving and caring environment where every student can thrive.

NCU provides an upscale education for the masses, meaning it provides academic excellence at the highest levels for everyone who wants to come. NCU’s dynamic academicians and experts make this institution second to none.

Metanoia University, Inc. (MUI) is NCU’s dynamic multi-media publishing company where students will learn various aspects of publishing, advertising, marketing, and media.  Further, NCU’s students will become effective communicators.

Many NCU students will be apprentices in this non-profit corporation, and they will also be able to use MUI’s services for their own projects. MUI’s programs and apprenticeships will be powered by various experts including caring academicians.

Nerd Beauty and Nerd Suave U. (NBNSU) will teach etiquette and other life skills to youth. The NBNSU programs are designed to empower, enrich, and enhance youth. NBNSU youth will learn skills and techniques to lift their self-esteem and help them to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

Through NBNSU, Dr. Freeman helps youth reach their full potential. She believes that if they find purpose and meaning in their lives, they will be transformed for the better and for a lifetime.