Kittrell College and Dr. Freeman Take On New York Fashion Week 2020!

Pictured are scholars/models at Kittrell College (our sister institution) and Dr. Freeman’s Blockchains and Cryptocurrency event for New York Fashion Week. The event was held in Concord, North Carolina in February 2020.  Dr. Freeman used fashion and stylistic poses to explain emerging technologies and other concepts. These stunning images are part of an upcoming teaching tool that Dr. Freeman is developing for the Kittrell College Enrichment Program, a program that NCU assists in executing. The Kittrell College Enrichment Program is an annual program that uses fun, creative, and innovative ways to express complex concepts. NCU is proud of its sister institution for hosting such a beneficial and informative event!

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Dr. Freeman is a High-Profile Client and Public Figure. She also Works With Them.

Dr. Freeman and NCU have been in the news! She has been both in front and behind the scenes. She is the publicist for award-winning and best-selling author, Eric Guthrie; she is guest starring on a reality TV show on the CW; and she is a White House leader for faith-based educators.

Dr. Stephanie Freeman (Stephie Ann Freeman)

Dr. Stephanie Freeman (Stephie Ann Freeman)

President, North Carolina University and Kittrell College

Check out Dr. Freeman’s author page on Facebook.  Don’t forget to like her page and tell your friends to do the same!  Let’s support Dr. Freeman (pen name Stephie Ann Freeman). Be sure you pick up a copy of her memoir entitled Life, Love, and Natural Disasters.

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